Tea-based hookah
blend #1

Unique tobacco-free hookah blend based on Chinese tea of the highest quality. Chabacco is known for rich aroma and smoking duration. At the same time Chabacco is an ideal mixology base.

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Chabacco is based on a Premium Chinese Tea: Green Tea (Tieguanyin), White Tea (Baihao Yinzhen), Black Tea (Dianhong). We use only natural flavouring and thermal leaf expansion technology to make smoking process longer and richer.

There are also few flavors without aroma at all in our product line - Black and White Tea, for authentic smoking lovers. It's no secret that smoking process was always associated with different plant crops. Chabacco have gathered all the advantages of tobacco smoking, having managed to avoid it's main flaws - unstable batches and fast leaf burning.
The strength
Medium - is made for those who likes 'normal' easy smoking. It also goes well with strong shisha.
MEDIUM 200 г
Medium - is made for those who likes 'normal' easy smoking. It also goes well with strong shisha.
Strong - for those who likes strong tobacco. Saturation is the distinctive feature of strong line.

Brand history
Moscow, 2016, central shisha bar. There was a team of hookah masters who were working together with a team of experienced tea-brewers. The 1st team was famous for it's unusual tobacco mixology and the 2nd one for it's original approach and high-quality tea variety. At the crosswords of these two completely different cultures we have created the tobacco-free blend based on tea-leaf which has several unique characteristics. Today Chabacco is a well-functioning manufacture and team of experts. We already work in Russia and CIS and start partnership programs worldwide.
Tobacco-free product
Chabacco is not obliged by tobacco excise duty (in Russia). It makes the product twice cheaper.

*Chabacco is confirmed by certificates of quality
Сertificate of conformity
Temperature resistance
Characteristics of a tea-leaf and our technology makes the product more resistant to high temperature which allows to prolong smoking process.
Chabacco is easy to use
Our technology simplifies all the preparation - there is no need to press or cut the blend, the product is 100% ready-to-use.
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